Saturday, February 18, 2012

Why Rally Across America?

Two guys, two bikes, 2800 miles. But why? Why are two college students about to bike up the eastern coast of the United States?

This week, Zach and I took a trip to the Rally office in Atlanta. While we had some productive meetings and enjoyed seeing all the awesome people who work at Rally (and make it one of the coolest places on Earth!), the best part of the day was getting to know two new friends– Nolan and Lindsay. You have no idea how excited we were to be with these guys for the day.

Nolan is 9 years old. From behind his sheepish grin, he told us all about what makes him excited. He’s a HUGE Georgia Tech fan (that one hurt me….), loves to learn karate (he’s working on his green belt), watches tennis and NASCAR, and has a new found love of riding his bike without training wheels. Lindsay just had her 13th birthday. She loves fashion and modeling (last year, she even got to model with Falcons star Curtis Lofton!). And let me tell you – this girl has to be great at it, because she is confident, excited, and always positive. Nolan and Lindsey probably remind you of your own children or little brothers or sisters or cousins.

But these two kids also have cancer. Nolan is undergoing chemotherapy, battling brain tumors for the second time. Because the brain tumors hinder his balance, riding a bike without his training wheels is an incredibly exciting achievement. Lindsay just spent over three months in the hospital following a bone marrow transplant in her fight against relapsed leukemia. Because her immunity is so low right now, she is for the most part confined to being at home in isolation from the outside.

This is why Zach and I are about to bike from New York to Georgia. It is for Nolan, and Lindsay, and the other 35,000 families in the nation that are affected by childhood cancer. We are biking for them. We are biking to fund childhood cancer research - in the hopes that one day, Nolan can become not only a green-belt, but a black-belt in karate, and Lindsay can enjoy going outside and being with her friends. We are biking so that they can be kids and love life. We are biking for all kids with childhood cancer. And we hope that you will Rally Across America with us.

To learn more about Rally Across America, see our website.

To donate, see our fundraising page.

To get your own Rally T-shirt, go here.

You can also follow us on twitter @RallyAcrossUSA or our Facebook page.

Rally On!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

We're back!!

In past years, Rally Across America teams have cycled more than 8,000 miles to visit children with cancer at 30 hospitals in 27 cities. Rally Across America teams and supporters have raised over $217,000 through donations and more than 30 fundraisers. This summer, we're returning to the streets for our 5th Rally Across America!

As soon as they graduate from the University of Georgia in May, Luke Mosley and Zach Jones will hop on their bikes and cycle 2,800 miles through the eastern United States, visiting hospitals and raising awareness and funds for childhood cancer research. Rally Kid Nolan is excited about the RAA team, even if they are graduating from UGA and Nolan is a GA Tech fan!

We have a bunch of ways that you can get to know the team and be a part of this adventure!

Visit our website.

Follow us on twitter.

Like us on facebook
Make a donation

Not into all this internet stuff? We also accept good old fashioned letters and checks in the mail!
5775 Glenridge Drive
Building B, Suite 370
Atlanta, GA 30328


Friday, August 07, 2009

Until Next Year...

This illustration was designed by Michael, one of the cyclist, and it clearly depicts the 2009 RAA Team beautifully! Below are quotes from each RAA team member wrapping up our experience and putting our final thoughts down until next year! Speaking from the entire team, we are all looking forward to this journey next year!

"I knew what my expectations were in regards to planning and coordinating this 10-day, 1,000 mile bike tour, but I did not expect to develop a passion for the Rally Foundation," said RAA Team Leader Magan. "This experience has taught me that there is so much I can do in this world to help people who are in need! I cannot wait for RAA 2010, so we can gain more awareness and raise even more money for childhood cancer research!"

"Rally Across America gives you the opportunity to raise money for childhood cancer research, meet the kids and families affected by childhood cancer, and meet the doctors and researchers responsible for their treatment and future," said Claire Rally Kid Coordinator and support car driver. "It's more than a fundraiser or a cycling trip - it becomes a way of life, making you want to do everything you can to find a cure for childhood cancer."

"It was truly an honor...or the least I could do for such a great cause," said RAA cyclist Michael. " My favorite part of the entire experience was seeing the faces of the kids light up. I truly look up to the Rally Foundation for the great things they do, and the smiles they put on the faces of our future. I'm so grateful for being able to get involved with this amazing foundation!"

"This biking trip was a life changing experience, I was able to touch lives and meet beautiful people," said RAA cyclist Jai. "I thank God and pray that I will always be able to give myself to such worthy causes and assist where my help is needed. The support of the Rally Foundation, our team leaders and the families & friends we met was an essential component of this journey.I'm very thankful to have been a part of this worthy cause."

Rally On!

Magan, Claire, Michael & Jai

Outtakes for RAA 2009 Tour

Below are numerous images that are both random and somewhat amusing! The Team hopes you enjoy!

(We LOVE Chick-fil-A!)

(Good Luck was displayed to us in all shapes and forms.)

(Don't mess with us!)

(Wow, how many "Do Not Enter" signs does one intersection possibly need?)

(The infamous goody bag assembly line!)

(Our NY stop would not have been complete without this picture!)

(Old School GPS at its FINEST!)

(Helloooo Girls!)



(The closest we will get to seeing Michael and Jai in a dress!)

(Sounds like FUN, we are sad that we are going to miss it!)

(We were determined to bike 1,000 miles for childhood cancer research!)

Sunday, August 02, 2009


Here are a few videos from our trip to check out!

Edra was excited about the RAA team coming to visit her!